Phil Mickelson Investigated For Insider Trading


Golf star Phil Mickelson is reportedly being investigated by the FBI and SEC for possible insider trading.

Investigators are looking into Mickelson and gambler William Walters and their involvement with billionaire investor Carl Icahn.

Icahn and Mickelson both deny any involvement with each other. The investigation has been ongoing for over three years.

Image via Twitter/MickelsonHat

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Bank of America To Settle Probes


The second-largest bank in the United States may find itself paying over $12 billion to settle government probes.

Bank of America Corp faces probes over shoddy mortgages prior to the financial crisis. It is reported that at least $5 billion of the $12 billion settlement would go toward consumer relief.

Neither Bank of America or the United States Department of Justice agreed to comment on the settlement.

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Image by Brian Katt via Wikimedia Commons.

MasterCard Extending Zero-Liability


After security breaches like one of the magnitude of the Target scandal, MasterCard is making strides to make its cardholders feel safer.

The credit and debit card company is extending its zero-liability protection to all PIN-based and ATM transactions, taking effect in October. The protection currently only protects transactions made by signature, leaving a cardholder vulnerable if a thief gets a hold of his or her personal identification number.

Image via Twitter/MasterCard

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No Rush To Raise Rates


President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Dennis Lockhart says that he sees the economy rebounding after its rough start to 2014.

Lockhart says that the Federal Reserve System needs to have patience with the labor markets and increasing rates, although many Fed members are concerned about the market tightening.

Image via Twitter/AtlantaFed

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San Francisco Is Most Expensive City In U.S. For Home Buyers

San Francisco

According to a report released by HSH, San Francisco is the most expensive city in the United States for home buyers.

San Francisco homes have a median home price of $679,000 with median monthly payments of $3,199.69. The report calculates that a person would need to make at least $137,129.55 per year to live in San Francisco.

Second on the list was San Diego with a median home price of $483,000, and a salary of $98,534.22 per year needed to live there.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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