Housing Slump in China Dragging Down Economic Growth


Lending and sales curbs imposed by the government in China has significantly slowed down the real estate market.

Realestate agents, who were extremely busy just 6 months ago, are no longer making sales.

“There are no buyers,” said Feng, 24. “We take three days off a week. We go out for barbecue and play poker.”

Some analysts fear that the slump will drag down economic growth and banks may be in trouble if developers default on loans.

Image by Kallgan via WikimediaCommons

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Low Credit Score May Cause Car Insurance To Rise


Drivers may be paying higher auto insurance premiums based on their credit scores.

A study by WalletHub.com finds that there is a 65% difference in insurance costs between those with high credit scores and those with low credit scores.

State law in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts outlaws insurance providers from using credit score as a determinant, but it is a regular practice in the other states.

Image by epSos.de via Wikimedia Commons.

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First U.S. Marijuana Bank Proposed


Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed legislation proposing to create a financial bank for the newly legal marijuana business in the state.

Banks do not currently work with marijuana businesses, as the drug is stilled banned by federal law. The new legislation would put in place checking systems so that marijuana businesses do not have to only deal in cash.

Image by World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons.

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Hospitals Are Saving With Expanded Medicaid Coverage


A study by the Colorado Hospital Association shows that hospitals are saving millions in states that have expanded Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

On average, in states that expanded coverage, there was a $0.9 million decrease in charity care cost. In states that did not expand, charity care cost increased by $0.4 million on average.

Image by Elipongo via Wikimedia Commons.

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