Don’t Give In To Impulse

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A study by revealed that savings do not fluctuate with income. People typically spend what they make. This is due to impulse purchases.

Typical impulse purchases include lottery tickets, clothing, apps, larger food sizes, and games of chance. These purchases are usually not needed and they are instantly regretted.

Cutting down on some of these impulse purchases should increase your savings by a decent margin.

Image by Magnus D via Wikimedia Commons.

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Microchip Credit Card Technology Not The Solution



As time goes by, more and more credit cards are receiving new microchip technology.

The purpose of this technology is to generate new information for each purchase so that predators cannot reuse the information.

It sounds good in theory, however many believe that this only raises the cost for identity thieves, and does not protect online transactions.

Image by Lotus Head via Wikimedia Commons.

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Credit Moves That Could Effect Your Mortgage


When getting a mortgage, credit can be a major concern, and there are a few key factors that could make or break your mortgage.

While in approval stages, there are red flags that could have an impact on your mortgage.

For instance, if your mortgage is in its final stages, it is not a good idea to apply for other credit, dispute a creditor, max out a credit card, or carry a high balance of debt.

These could have a negative impact on your mortgage.

Image by Catherine Scott via Wikimedia Commons.

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Insurance Companies Predicting Your Death


It is not a simple question to ask customers when they think they will die. Life insurance companies must take it upon themselves to determine when a potential customer will perish before they will invest.

Companies compile large amounts of data in order to separate the healthy from the risky. This includes things like driving records, criminal records, drug use, and even hobbies.

Image by John Fischer via flickr.

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